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Madison Academy provides an environment where it is safe to search for the answers to life's biggest questions! Each student is at a different place in his or her spiritual walk.


We Believe:

  • God loves us unconditionally!
  • He loves to hear us pray!
  • No matter how far we fall, God can reach us!

Spiritual formation is a process of being transformed into the image of Christ! He is one of history's most controversial figures. The religious authorities hated him and politicians were confused by him. His message was to love God and love others, then he modeled how to do it. Jesus offers an alternative way of living! He calls us to the good life!

More information about our beliefs can be found in our Statement of Christian Heritage.

Message from the Spiritual Formation Director

It is a true joy to serve at a place like Madison Academy where the spiritual well-being of every student is our highest priority. We love giving students the opportunity to grow in every area of their lives with an emphasis of allowing God to be glorified in everything they do. It is our mission to meet students where they are in their spiritual understanding and journey. We want to help them understand that Jesus loves them and has given his life to redeem and restore them to relationship with the Father.  





Spiritual Formation Theme

“For freedom that Christ has set you free.”

Galatians 5:1

The 2022-2023 school year spiritual formation theme is “Freedom” with a focus on the teachings from the Apostle Paul in the book of Galatians. The message is we are already free in Christ Jesus and are not under any type of pressure from the Father to perform acts of righteousness. By living in the freedom Christ has provided for us freely, we will be led to love and serve those around us with all of our heart.  By living in this freedom, we will also have the ability to let the Savior conquer the sin in our lives.