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Madison Academy prides itself on welcoming students of good character with a strong academic track record. We seek students who can positively contribute to both the school community and beyond.

Here are some key distinctions that set Madison Academy apart from other schools in the Huntsville/Madison area:

Academic Rigor in a Relaxed Learning Environment
Madison Academy offers a challenging academic curriculum while maintaining a relaxed and supportive learning environment. This balance allows students to excel academically while feeling comfortable and encouraged in their educational journey.

Competitive Spirit and Camaraderie
The school fosters a sense of competitive spirit among its students, encouraging them to strive for excellence while also promoting fellowship and camaraderie. This approach helps students not only excel in their studies but also develop important social skills and relationships.

Embracing Diversity
Madison Academy embraces diversity while upholding its mission to honor Christ in all aspects of its activities. The school welcomes students from various backgrounds and encourages an inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected.

If you are considering Madison Academy for your family, it is recommended that you visit the campus to get a firsthand experience of what makes the school special. Additionally, you can stay updated on upcoming events and school news by following Madison Academy on Facebook and Instagram.

Renita Nelson - MA Admissions

Renita Nelson

Director of Admissions
(256) 469-6410


Terri Speir - MA Admissions

Terri Speir

Admissions Coordinator
(256) 469-6410
Emily Walker - MA Admissions

Emily Walker

Admissions Coordinator
(256) 469-6410

Next Steps

We would love to tell you more about what Madison Academy can offer your family. Our admissions team is eager to come alongside you to help as you make educational decisions for your children.