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Discover the Vibrant World of Fine Arts at Madison Academy

Madison Academy - Performing Arts

At Madison Academy, we believe in nurturing the creative spirit in every child, and our fine arts program is designed to do just that. We take great pride in offering a comprehensive and enriching fine arts curriculum that spans from Pre-K through 12th grade. Our program sets us apart from many other schools, and we are equally committed to excellence in the arts as we are to our academic pursuits.  

Here's what makes our fine arts department truly exceptional: 
A Strong Foundation for the Youngest Learners  
For our youngest students in Pre-K through 5th grade, we ensure that every child receives both art and music education every week throughout the entire year. While some schools may alternate between art and music each semester, we believe that consistent exposure to both disciplines fosters a well-rounded appreciation for the arts from an early age. 
Exploration and Diversification in 6th Grade  
In 6th grade, our students have the opportunity to explore various fine arts disciplines, including theatre, band, choir, and visual arts. They spend 9 weeks in each of these classes, allowing them to discover their passions and interests within the arts. 
Upper School Excellence  
As students progress into 7th through 12th grade, they can further develop their skills and talents in their chosen fine arts areas: theatre, band, choir, or visual arts. Our upper school programs are led by passionate Christian educators who are dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a sense of excellence.