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Welcome to Madison Academy Elementary School, serving first through sixth grade students. The faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring a comprehensive education of the whole child. Our faculty recognizes the importance of helping our students grow and mature socially, emotionally, spiritually, and academically.

Excellence in character is a top priority at Madison Academy. Spiritual Formation takes precedence for our students as we focus on the One who makes all things possible. Spiritual Formation is not limited to “The Gathering” or Bible classes. Our faculty excels at incorporating Biblical World View in all we do. Whether it is connecting Biblical World View to standards being taught in the academic classroom, guiding students to navigate conflict with Biblical principle, or correction from a Biblical standard, God’s word is the focus in all we do at Madison Academy.

Explore Elementary

After-school care is available until 5:30pm for children who cannot be picked up at our regular dismissal time. Our loving staff provides a snack and a variety of activities for the children to enjoy until their parents pick them up.   We also offer after-school enrichment activities, such as:

  • Brain Builders Camp
  • Drama Club
  • Fantasy Playhouse Drama Club 
  • Green Power Racing Team (STEAM Lab)
  • Guitar Club
  •  Kidz Keys
  • Math Team 
  • Spiritually Speaking Club

Activities are based on instructor availability and interest.



Our Elementary staff understands the significance of laying a proper foundation in early childhood all the way through sixth grade.  We want your child to have exploration opportunities with engaging learning experiences that will spark their interests regardless of the subject matter.  We strive to connect with them and our community to establish a bridge of trust in our relationships.  We want your child to feel safe, loved, and enjoy being with us as we enjoy having fun! 

Academic rigor is of high importance, with the understanding that physical play, cultural awareness, development of spiritual roots, interest and appreciation of the arts as well as thinking outside the box are vital in educating the whole child. Our “specials classes” set us apart by providing these opportunities. Students participate weekly in S.T.E.A.M, Spanish, Library, and Fine Arts. The daily participation of organized and unorganized play during the school day provides experiences in working as a team and peer interactions through the physical education class and recess.




Activities include: Choir Club, Green Power Racing Team, Guitar  Club, Kidz Keys, Lego Robotics, Math Club, and Spiritually Speaking


Special field studies (field trips) are offered for students to allow hands-on educational experiences to aid with the curriculum.  Field studies are used to enhance and enrich our academic program. These trips allow students the opportunity to see real world concepts taught within the classroom.

2022-23 School Year
Grade 1: Tennessee Aquarium
Grade 2: Cathedral Caverns, Nashville Zoo
Grade 3: Huntsville History Tour, Broadway Theater Play, Cooks Museum
Grade 4: Montgomery History Tour, U.S. Space Camp
Grade 5: American Village, McWane Science Center, Moundville, Alabama Archaeological Park
Grade 6: Nature’s Classroom, Mentone, AL



MA TV News Broadcast: Our grades 5 and 6 students are provided a leadership opportunity within our elementary school each year. Students with interest are encouraged to apply and interview for a position on our news team. Students may choose to anchor/produce our news broadcast for our elementary students. Our MA TV News Crew works collaboratively with their teacher mentors and team members. 

Our program goes live each morning at 7:45am. Students prepare a daily script that includes the pledge, lunch menu, weather, special news reports, and a spiritual application. Our team members receive multiple opportunities to fill their leadership role in our newsroom. Students who have participated in the news program have gone on to serve in the Drama tech booth, Spiritual Formation Team tech booth, and have opportunities for Communications/Media internships.

We will seek to provide opportunities that help develop Christian attitudes. We wish to lead the child to the knowledge and understanding needed to live by and perpetuate the ideals upon which our nation was founded. We believe Christian and American ideals go hand-in-hand. We will work to provide high quality learning experiences and will be honest in the evaluations of our students and of ourselves.

We will strive to relate Biblical principles to everything that is taught, making these principles relevant to the students' lives now, as well as in the future. To reach our goal, Christianity must permeate the classroom and all school-sponsored activities. 

  • Grades 1-6 : Bi-weekly chapel
  • Grades 1-5: Bible Lessons:  3 x per week “Deep Roots” series
  • Grade 6: Bible Lessons: “The Story” series

Elementary offers the following youth sports: baseball (6th only), basketball, cheer, football, soccer, tennis, track and field (4th-6th only), volleyball. 



Elementary Administration

Brian Givens, Principal 

Amanda Kuepker, Administrative Assistant 

Next Steps

We would love to tell you more about what Madison Academy can offer your family. Our admissions team is eager to come alongside you to help as you make educational decisions for your children.