Message from the President

The MA Difference
ACT 25%
At the core of every academic institution is the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. They are, in fact, a progression in the growth experience. It is one thing to have knowledge and understanding; applying it in a way that benefits family, society, and God's kingdom requires wisdom.
We hope to create a life-changing experience for our students and broader school community. We want to create impactful experiences to allow the heart, soul, and body to flourish. Our test scores reflect our commitment to academic accomplishment with college-bound students averaging 25.1 on the ACT (five-year average). Music, athletic teams, and the visual arts provide platforms for young men and women to experience camaraderie, learn teamwork, and express their various talents.
Our deepest desire is to partner with outstanding families to prepare young men and women to impact our world by loving mercy, seeking justice, and walking humbly with our God. I invite you to discover the rewards of a Madison Academy education.

Thank you for your interest in Madison Academy.
Casey Farris