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Enews Guidelines

Enews bannerCommunication with our families and supporters is something we take seriously at Madison Academy, and Enews has become one of our most important tools.  Renweb, Parent Alert, surveys, and printed materials are essential elements as well, but nothing touches as many people on a routine basis as Enews.We welcome submissions, but reserve the responsibility of determining the ultimate content.  The following guidelines have been established to assist you in getting your message out to the MA community.
  1. The deadline for submissions is 11 a.m.  Items received after that time will be reviewed for publication in the next issue.
  2. Our goal is to send Enews before 2 PM.
  3. We reserve the right to edit submissions, but we are not responsible for their accuracy.  Please verify pertinent information prior to submission.
  4. Review your submission before sending from the perspective of the reader.  Have you answered the questions who, what, when, and where?
  5. Lengthy copy will be abbreviated or summarized, with a click-through link to the full-length copy.
  6. ALL submissions should be sent via email to  This also applies to any images you wish to accompany the submission.  DO NOT send images in a Word document.
  7. The intended Enews audience is the Madison Academy community and its content is limited to school related activities.   
  8. Submissions will not run in concurrent issues and will be limited to two runs per week.  Exceptions will be made for major events including, but not limited to, Southern Tradition.
  9. A special second issue of Enews will not be sent on the same day to correct an error unless timing is critical.  When we are notified of corrections, they will run in the next scheduled issue.
  10. In the event of a school closing and other information deemed urgent, information will be sent through Parent Alert, followed by a special edition of Enews with more detailed information. 

Madison Academy could not deliver its quality offerings without the hard work of our volunteers.  We are grateful for the opportunity to support your efforts to make this a great place for our students.