LAMA: Making A Difference


As parents look for their place between drop-off and pickup, they’ll find LAMA. That’s Ladies’ Association of Madison Academy, but it’s not just ladies… its dads and grandparents, all family, dear friends… joined together with our Moms.  We are a force of community, tying our personal skills and talents with team efforts to create avenues that enrich MA students with essential extras.  We work to make a positive difference by supporting school programs, campus improvements, educational enhancements, and teacher/staff celebrations.


It’s not cliché here to say that we put the FUN in Fundraiser. Fall and Spring fundraisers, Southern Tradition and the Mustang MudRun blend our passion to do good with having good times. In 2019, we donated more than $41, 000 for school programs and an additional $2,000 to the Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen from the profits of these fundraisers. But, before we were able to give back to our community, our volunteers shared many hours of laughter, creativity, and muscle power to put on these awesome events for families to enjoy.


Our legacy includes enduring friendships with each other, joyful fellowship with the MA family, and productive partnerships with the school administration.  While your children are learning in the halls of Madison Academy, we want you serving with us to make not just our school but our community a better place. Follow our Facebook page, to see our events and efforts and find a couple of the many volunteer activities available that you want to plug into.  Or we’d love to hear from you, contact us via email.



Terri Speir

LAMA President


LAMA Officers

(From left to right: Amber Nelson - VP of Fundraising, J'Vonne Gibson - VP of Membership, Terri Speir - President, Renata Pineau - VP of Programs, Lori Hazelrig - Secretary, and Shannon Bingham - Treasure)