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Technology at Madison Academy

Madison Academy is proud to be an Apple Distinguished School, and over 90% of our faculty have at least one Apple Teacher badge. We have a 1:1 ratio of students-to-devices. First through eighth graders are assigned iPads, and ninth through twelfth graders have MacBook Airs. Madison Academy wants to empower students to be creative, to think critically, and to have timely access to the ever-expanding library of information.

Teachers focus on standards and find challenging and interactive ways to stimulate the imagination. Technology plays an important role today in academics, the arts, and athletics. Teachers use collaborative tools and Apple apps to meet educational standards. Players and coaches have apps that allow them to do film studies anywhere and anytime. Madison Academy began specialized curricular tracks three years ago with Project Lead The Way pre-engineering and Zulama entertainment technology. We expanded with a medical academy in the fall of 2018.


For more information about technology integration at Madison Academy, download our iBook from the Apple Store.