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Overview of Spiritual Formation

Did your parents have a way of measuring your growth as a pre-teen? Perhaps you stood against a door jamb and they would mark your height at different ages. You probably got excited as you closed in on the height of a parent! As exciting as physical growth may be, there is another kind that sends you on an adventure. When a student makes the decision to follow Jesus, everything changes. This is a personal choice, by the way. It isn't part of their DNA. It isn't inherited! Real faith is that conclusion that the evidence points to a creator who chose a relationship with his creation.
Madison Academy provides an environment where it is safe to search for answers to life's biggest questions! Each student is at a different place in his or her spiritual walk. We have stages of growth.
Spiritual formation is a process of being transformed into the image of Christ! He is one of history's most controversial figures. The religious authorities hated him, and politicians were confused by him. His message was to love God and love others, then he modeled how to do it. 
Jesus offers an alternative way of living! He calls us to the good life!