Service and Missions

Back to School Retreat

pine ridge

The Spiritual Formation Retreat takes place on the first Friday of the school year. This time is intentionally set aside to introduce the year's theme, as well as build relationships with Bible teachers and peers. This year's retreat took place at Pine Ridge Day camp and included testimonies from both administration and teachers and team building activities.


Spiritual Emphasis Day


In the Spring, MA hosts a carnival for special needs adults from our local community. Students are paired with buddies as they enjoy karaoke, inflatables, carnival games, the dunking booth, ice cream, and cotton candy.


service 2serviceStudent Service Day


In the Fall, MA dedicates an entire day to serve the greater Madison County community. This year students were sent out to over fifteen locations including: House of Harvest, Manna House, Habitat for Humanity, The Saving Way, Botanical Gardens, and Lincoln Village.


Baja Missions

During Spring Break, MA students, faculty, and parents will have the opportunity to serve the children of Baja, Mexico. There are literally hundreds of children we will come into contact with, all eager for love and attention. Through opportunities for school tutoring, providing lunches for the hungry, teaching, and time to simply play, you will be able to show them Christ's love in a special way.


Ecuador Missions

During summer break, Madison Academy students travel to Ecuador to volunteer at the Hacienda of Hope and the Hacienda of Hope Christian Academy. This beautiful home and school are nestled in the shadows of Mt. Cavambe high in the Andes. We have been involved in this project for more than a decade serving and telling stories of children who escaped a world of abuse and neglect to find love and hope. Their experience changes their view of the world and exposes them to opportunities and careers focused on serving others.


Give Kids Missions

During Fall break, Madison Academy students serve children with life threatening illnesses and their families. "Give Kids the World" is a program designed to give these families an escape to the theme parks in the Orlando area at no Orlando charge. Our volunteers serve meals in the Gingerbread House, dish up ice cream sundaes to help beat the heat, play characters in a parade- anything to help these families take a vacation from their illness. The work is emotionally draining, but helping put a smile on one of these special children is its own reward.