Little Madison Academy

Welcome to Little Madison Academy, a primary school for grades PK3-1st, where every child is made to feel special and made in the image of God. We view the beginning years of education as a teacher-parent partnership, realizing that you are the most important and influential adult in the life of your child. We are here to assist you in the common goal of raising exceptional children who grow in Godly and academic wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man.

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Each day begins with chapel as we listen to thrilling Bible stories and sing. Listening to children sing is a wonderful way to begin one’s day! We learn stories of faith and instill lasting values so desperately needed in our society today. The rest of the day is filled with lessons and teachable moments taught from a Christian perspective.

Studies have shown feeling secure is an integral part of the learning experience. When students feel loved, they feel secure. Visitors are impressed with the interaction between teacher and child. Children are loved and nurtured, and it shows. Our students are more than a name on a chart - they develop a relationship with special teachers and staff they will never forget.


After-school care is available until 5:30pm for children who cannot be picked up at our regular dismissal time. Our loving staff provides a snack and a variety of activities for the children to enjoy until their parents pick them up.

Little Madison Academy offers a variety of enrichment activities for all ages. Registration is open in mid-August and mid-January. Activities offered in the past include: The Big Green Bus (gymnastics), Fantasy Playhouse,  Soccer Shots, and Martial Arts. Activities are based on instructor availability and interest.

It has been said, “There are really only two things you can give a child: roots to grow and wings to fly.” We help our children plant their roots deeply in faith and equip them with experience, confidence and education to begin their flight. Just as our little ones witness the amazing transformation of the butterfly each spring, so we witness a metamorphosis into their young lives. They spread their wings, each child with his or her own special pattern and colors of personality, uniquely gifted and ready to soar. We invite you to join us!

Jodi McCaghren

Yours Faithfully,

Jodi McCaghren

Little MA Principal