The Arts At MA

Madison Academy has a strong tradition in the arts. The arts provide a critical outlet for creative expression. As options for curricular electives continue to grow, students are opting in ever-increasing numbers for the arts. We have international award winners in the visual arts led by the legendary Peggy Hickerson. Vocal music, led by Shelli Rimes, has seen a surge in growth in recent years. Drama, led by Terenna Mann is on a similar track. Our band, led by Jessica Hunt is blessed with a diverse and talented group of musicians. Digital arts, led by Parks Gettys, have become more than an elective for some, and Madison Academy's offerings are some of the strongest in the south. Sports media and core classes are teaching and encouraging the use of video, still image, and audio production. Yes, these are arts. 
2019 saw the addition of two fine arts honor societies at Madison Academy. The International Thespian Society was added for drama and the Tri-M Music Honor Society for band and choir.
At Madison Academy, we believe we were created in the image of the Creator. The arts help us to see creation differently. Artistic expression has the power to inspire and enlighten. Discover your artistic gift at Madison Academy.