The instrumental music program at Madison Academy offers our students a multi-faceted range of experiences. From private lessons to performance, Madison Academy students are instructed in all aspects of instrumental music.

Band 6
Students in grade 6 may choose band as their area of interest and will receive daily instruction in the fundamentals of instrumental music with their instrument of choice. Band 6 provides a solid foundation for success in Upper School band.


Band 7Students who have previous experience with instrumental music are encouraged to broaden their musical skill. Other students, who wish to learn how to play a new instrument, are instructed in the fundamentals. Special emphasis is placed on the ability to learn rhythms and notes.



Concert Band 8-12
While previous experience in band is preferred, experience is not required to participate in upper school concert band. Emphasis is placed on the mastery of the student’s chosen instrument. Students are offered opportunities to participate in Marching Band, the Band Solo and Ensemble Festival, and to audition for All- State Band



Musicians in our Drumline classes will perform during the fall marching season and the spring ensembles. Students will learn on both traditional percussion instruments and non-conventional, “household” equipment.


Marching Band
After-school rehearsals and performance at pep rallies and football games are a required part of the distinction of being a member of the MA marching band. Two fall semesters in marching band may count for a physical education credit. Marching band members participate in summer band camp, all football games, contests, parades, district festivals, and the Winter and Spring concerts.


Music Academy
Students who desire to learn a new instrument or master their chosen instrument may choose to take private lessons, for an additional fee, at Madison Academy.


Music Mania
Students in all grades, from K-12, may participate in this musical extravaganza. Vocalists and musicians are encouraged to master a song of their choosing and tryout for their moment on the MA stage. The Music Mania show highlights Madison Academy’s top musical talents and showcases our students’ vocal, instrumental, and performance abilities.