Spirit Wear

Madison Academy's School Clothing Program is called SpiritWear

Madison Academy’s SpiritWear is unlike traditional school uniform programs. Studies have documented the benefits of school uniform programs including safety, improved academics, and less social tension. Our program provides plenty of options to allow students to express their individuality. At the same time, school personnel can easily identify someone who doesn’t belong. This program strikes an appropriate balance. It can even reduce stress at home as decisions about what to wear become less complicated.

Better academics, less stress, and student safety are the key benefits to SpiritWear.


Dress Code: Pre-K3 through 6th:


Monday – Thursday

*Modest khaki or MA-approved skirts, shorts, skorts, khaki jumpers or MA-approved pants with MA approved shirts or sweatshirts. Pink shirts, plaid skorts and jumpers have been discontinued. 

**Tops or polo dresses must have MA approved logo and be one of the 5 approved colors: maroon, white, gold, black and gray.

Dresses/skirts should have shorts underneath.


*Modest khaki skirts, shorts, or pants.  Student shirt of choice or any color MA logo **shirt/sweatshirt.

Tennis shoes required


Upper School: 7th-12th:


Monday – Thursday

*Modest khaki shorts or pants with MA approved shirts or sweatshirts. Shorts and skirts will be past fingertip length. 

**Tops must have MA approved logo and be one of the 5 approved colors: maroon, white, gold, black and gray

Shoes= student choice

**The staff reserves the rights to make further judgments on inappropriate dress or modesty that is not within our school guidelines.

Friday: *modest khakis, shorts or pants.  **Tops must have MA approved logo of any color.

Shoes are student choice. Sweatpants, leggings, jeggings and Jean material are not permitted. No skirts or skorts permitted.

PE and Athletics: t-shirt, athletic *shorts, and tennis shoes. Note 5″ compression shorts are expected to be worn



Additional Guidelines:

All clothing should be neat and fit appropriately (not too tight).

All clothing should be modest (below the fingertips with arms fully extended by sides).

Shirts/sweatshirts cannot hang lower than Spirit Wear bottoms.

Dresses/skirts should have shorts or leggings of student’s choice underneath.

Jumpers should have Spirit Wear shirt underneath with shorts or leggings underneath.

Tennis shoes required PreK-3 through 5th. 6th grade may wear shoes of choice.

PE (6th grade only) and Athletics: t-shirt, modest athletic shorts, and tennis shoes.



Approved Vendors for MA Spirit Wear:

The Corral,* Madison Academy’s school store, sells SpiritWear approved tops and bottoms.  The Corral is the primary source for SpiritWear and is located at the main entrance to the high school.All financial proceeds from The Corral benefit Madison Academy. Secondary SpiritWear options are Educational Outfitters and Land’s End online.

-The Corral- The lower floor by Upper School entrance.  Contact  Lin Brittain at 256.469.6400 ext.701092 or email him at lbrittain@macademy.org

Madison Academy’s program is governed by a committee which is responsible for selection and approval of all clothing worn by Madison Academy students.

These are approved SpiritWear logos. They are the intellectual property of Madison Academy and may not be reproduced without written authorization.