Student Leadership

  • Tour Guides:
    • Fun, friendly, involved: These are the qualities that our Tour Guides embody. Having varied backgrounds and diverse interests, our Tour Guides are able to give visitors to our campus a true introduction to student life at MA. Tour Guides are selected based on their desire to serve, their leadership potential, and their positive attitudes. Students in grades 5-12 may serve in this position. Application and references are required
  • Spiritual Outreach Team:
    • Faith in Christ is more than just an idea; it’s a life of action. The MA Spiritual Outreach Team, offered as an elective class, is actively engaged in sharing their faith by serving others. Whether they are tutoring, working for teachers and staff on campus, or playing with elementary students, the Spiritual Outreach Team is busy spreading the love of Christ and fostering a sense of community on our campus. The Team also takes frequent trips to serve the Huntsville community, including our education partner, Lincoln Academy, which is located in the historic Lincoln Mill area. Students in grades 7-12 may elect to take this class, but teacher approval is required.
  • Campus Leaders
    • Some students are the most fulfilled themselves when they use their gifts of spiritual discernment and organization to provide spiritual opportunities for others. Campus Leaders—diligent, responsible, and in tune with the spiritual needs of their peers—are advisors and assistants to the Campus Minister. They help plan and lead our global missions, chapels, student service days, and spiritual emphasis days. This position is offered as an elective to students in grades 9-12, but Campus Minister approval, a strong faith in Christ, and a heart of service are required.
  • Ambassadors:
    • MA Ambassadors have it all: winning personality, strong character, academic prowess, and an unwavering faith in Christ. Because “to whom much is given, much is required,” our Ambassadors serve in every leadership role as needed. They give tours and welcome prospective students and their families to our campus; they tutor underclassmen and elementary students; they help plan and lead chapels, global missions, and spiritual emphasis days; they publish regular updates about student life at MA; and they represent our school in the community. This is offered as an elective class; however, only two juniors and two seniors—one boy and one girl in each grade—are selected. Students who want to be considered for this position must complete an application, submit their resume, solicit three letters of recommendation, write an engaging essay on the topic “Why I Love Madison Academy,” and successfully interview.