Message from Terry Davis

At the core of every academic institution is the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. The flow of information 
abounds in this digital age, but it is often unfiltered and sometimes unchallenged. Truth is obscured by opinion. Some question if there is any absolute truth, while others infer that truth and faith cannot coexist.
Terry with Kids
Pertinent to intellectual growth is providing academic opportunities that both challenge elite students and develop emerging students. We encourage collaboration and sharpen critical thinking skills. We provide a balanced approach to education built on a spiritual foundation. A Christian education provides a context for information. It begins with the understanding that we exist to serve others and our creator. We live in an age where the written or spoken word can canvas the globe with the click of a mouse. Our society is polarized, and our individual ideologies often become more important than our neighbors. A Christian education stresses the importance 
of being a good neighbor in both real and virtual worlds.
MA offers extra-curricular activities to allow the heart, soul, and body to flourish. Music, athletic teams, and the visual arts provide platforms for young men and women to experience camaraderie, learn teamwork, and express their various talents.
Our deepest desire is to partner with outstanding families to prepare young men and women to impact our world by loving mercy, seeking justice, and walking humbly with our God. I invite you to discover the rewards of a Madison Academy education.
Thank you for your interest in Madison Academy.
In Him,
Terry Davis