The Madison Academy Theatre Program is the place where:

  • Those with technical and creative skills are allowed to flourish alongside those who love performance. (There will be equal time devoted to acting and the technical aspects of play production, including: set design and construction, lighting, music and sound affects, prop building, costume design, box office and marketing)
  • Performance opportunities are varied and exciting and include 1-acts, reviews, and full-length productions (classical, modern, musicals, dinner theatre, Shakespeare in the park, Commedia dell’arte)
  • Students have the chance to create, produce, manage, and lead (playwriting, direction, team leaders, stage management)
  • Every production and project is designed to contribute to the student’s learning experience in other subjects.(Historical context, dramatization and workshops on required reading, collaboration with other fine art departments and academic departments)
  • Additional opportunities are available outside the classroom (community and spiritual outreach programs,  local/regional/national competitions)