MA Graphic Standards

Madison Academy’s (MA) logos must be reproduced from official artwork.  All usage MUST be approved by the Logo Chartchairman of the Branding Committee, Glen Laird.  If you have questions, send an email to [email protected]

Madison Academy’s logos are emblems designed to represent our school, and its tradition, with proper respect.  Our logos are seen on the right.  The top four are the intellectual property of Madison Academy.  One color versions, or tone on tone, are most often used on clothing.  Exceptions from official pantones are made for approved SpiritWear, Friday wear, and athletic wear.  All white is approved for the “MA” logo, and both black and white solids are approved for the official Madison Academy lettering.  Madison Academy makes no claims to the intellectual property rights of the  mustang head.  However, only the logos on the chart are to be used for 2015-16.  The line drawn through the middle of the logo may be used to execute the proper tilt of the head.  A straight line drawn through the eye should fall just below the upper tip of the bottom mane.


School and athletic logos must be large enough to be legible and must not be distorted.  Scale (height and width) must be appropriately maintained. The size of the MA logo should be at least 0.5″ high.  The school crest should be at least 1″ tall.


The official colors of Madison Academy are maroon, gold, and white.  The gold 116c pantone generally works on all mediums, including web, fabric, and print, while the 504c maroon can look different on each.