Leave a Legacy

There are many ways to leave a legacy. Most of us will do it without even trying, especially if it is defined by how we will be remembered. Some will choose to be more intentional about the legacy they leave, which is reflected in their giving during their lifetimes and in their estates.

Obviously, this is not the only way to leave a legacy, but it is an avenue open to most of us.

Legacy Society membership is a designation given to those who choose to support MA through their estate planning. There are many ways to do this.The donation of an IRA or another retirement plan offers enormous tax benefits. An untapped retirement plan passing through an estate will lose as much as 80% of its value by the time it reaches its intended beneficiary. If it were donated to Madison Academy, neither the individual nor Madison Academy would be taxed. Numerous types of charitable trusts offer immediate personal and estate tax benefits while providing benefits to the donor while they live.

Consider leaving a tithe of your estate to Madison Academy. While your estate may benefit from the deduction, the real benefit is leaving a selfless legacy.
If you have included Madison Academy in your estate planning, please inform the development office to allow us to properly recognize and communicate with you.