History of MA


  • Founded in 1955 and named Madison County Bible School
  • The school opened for grades one through eleven with grade twelve being added the following year
  • oldMAThe original campus was located at 301 Max Luther Drive in northern Huntsville, Alabama
  • In 1959, a kindergarten building was constructed in time for operation by September of that year
  • The name was changed to Madison Academy in 1960
  • A gymnasium was constructed in 1963, and the Mustangs began playing interscholastic basketball and football
  • A new elementary building was built in 1971
  • The enrollment of Madison Academy grew from 246 in 1955 to 573 in 1975, then declined to below 400 in the early 1980’s
  • Madison Academy (grades 1-12) received accreditation  by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1977
  • The five-year-old kindergarten was added to our accreditation credentials in 1987
  • The school moved to the 160-acre Ashburn Campus on Slaughter Road in January 1998
  • The campus was named in honor of the Cecil Ashburn family
  • Little Madison Academy construction was completed the summer of 2000, housing our pre-school, kindergarten and first grade