Academics- Upper School

At Madison Academy, our students are much more than a single test score.

Every student deserves a high-quality education, but no cookie-cutter education can possibly meet the needs of all students, who each have unique gifts, skills, and interests.  That is why we offer an academic foundation that prepares our students for the inevitable standardized tests they must conquer and also provides them opportunities to follow the academic pathways that align with their future goals. Choices in all of the core disciplines–English, math, science, and social science–allow our teachers to tailor our academic offerings to match the various skill levels and interests of our students. 

Madison Academy students are individuals who think critically about a variety of issues; who identify problems and look for creative solutions; who develop a strong set of beliefs that govern their future choices; and who have confidence in their academic readiness when they matriculate to college.

To develop a solid foundation in the core disciplines while encouraging growth in individual student interests is the definition of a quality education.

And it is the definition of a Madison Academy education.