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The academic program at Madison Academy considers the reality that students are only just beginning to discover their ultimate design and calling. While reading, writing and critical thinking are important and anchor our rigorous and challenging curriculum, we must also realize that the communication landscape is changing and students are forward thinking; meaning they develop the skills necessary to investigate, question, create, design and discover on their own. Many of the careers students will pursue, technological tools they will use, and challenges they will face have not yet emerged. The latest research indicates that future workers in our country must become skilled in the “STEAM” areas (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) as most businesses and industries are creating increasing demand for quality technology skills, problem-solving, and higher-level thinking.

Our rich academic program is seasoned with engaging activities and integration of biblical principles throughout the content areas so that children may begin to develop a Christian Worldview.

Madison Academy’s BRIDGE Program provides support to students that are struggling in certain areas and also enrichment opportunities for the accelerated students.

Weekly teacher grade level meetings allow us to stay abreast of student progress and to make curriculum adjustments based on instructional delivery, content, and/or assessment.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to review your child’s academic profile and progress.